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Value of my iPhone

Find out what your iPhone is worth. That way you can easily decide if the repair is worth investing in. The prices are based on the value in the Netherlands.

We will update this post on a monthly basis to inform you about the current value of new and refurbished phones, so you can make the decision that suits you best.

“I am not sure if it is better to buy a new iPhone or repair this iPhone”

It is always wise to think about how economical it is for you to repair your iPhone. Replacement cost is one of the most important things to consider.

Price overview - what you need to know

In the table below you will find the current prices in the Netherlands for iPhones.

We carefully compose the table using 10 different suppliers to give you the best possible indication of your iPhone's value.

The storage of the device is one of the key drivers of price. We have listed the most popular size per model to keep the overview simple. If you would like to see more detail, please let us know!

Value of most popular iPhone models

iPhone Value in the Netherlands December 2018

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